Medicare STAR

Given the huge financial and business consequences, we've become as intensely focused on impacting critical CMS STAR ratings as our Medicare Advantage clients are.

Our approach to member engagement naturally lends itself to driving these metrics – understanding what's driving the behaviors that influence ratings and designing engaging interventions that boost those health and satisfaction measures.

We've been addressing many of the key clinical and operational measures for years – well before the introduction of STAR ratings –and today, clients running Eliza programs have higher STAR scores than the national average across a wide range of clinical and satisfaction measures.

Our multi-touch, multi-modal outreach targets key measures across all domains within STAR – including HEDIS, preventive screenings, diabetic care, and HOS and CAHPS assessments – while reflecting your brand and business goals.

We’ve included many of the Best Practices we’ve developed for these successful programs into our STAR Year in the Life solution, so they can work for you, too.

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