Medicaid Solutions

Managed Medicaid plans are preparing for an influx of new members and re-inventing their infrastructure to support the needs of each new customer – from eligibility and enrollment processes to preventive health measures and chronic condition management. And they need strategies that support such seismic changes that still resonate at the individual level.

Our comprehensive, data-driven Health Engagement Management solutions for the Medicaid market are timed to key events in a member’s experience – including recertification, ER utilization, post-hospital discharge, risk assessments, preventive health, adherence, chronic condition management, and more.

Each interaction is designed to address the health literacy and access issues often associated with Medicaid populations. Our behaviorally-based member profiles drive the approach and content we use to increase clinical measures, build strong brand affinity, and make sure that each dollar you spend is making a difference for your members and your bottom line.

Learn how some of our Medicaid clients are doing just that.