Thought Leadership

The entire nation is now talking about healthcare – and how we can collectively improve it. We’ve been talking about it –exclusively – for over a decade, and have had over a billion conversations with real people about what’s really driving their health and healthcare decisions. The resulting data asset gives us the insights to make the improvements that will truly transform healthcare. 

Others have taken note of our results and expertise in the areas of Health Engagement Management, Population Health, and overall consumer engagement, and recognize us as a visionary in the field.  For example: 

  • Eliza’s leaders present at high profile events including Health 2.0, TEDMED, the Health Data Initiative, Strata Rx, AHIP Institute, the Economist Innovation Summit, Institute of Medicine, URAC Best Practices Summits, and many more.
  • Eliza conducts research and analysis on public perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors to support the efforts of high-profile organizations including the Office of the National Coordinator, the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and others.
  • Eliza, in partnership with Altarum Institute, conducted research and developed a survey instrument to systematically assess and address “The Unmentionables” in healthcare. This tool, called the Vulnerability Index, gives a voice to those who struggle with life context issues (such as caregiving, financial stress and sleep challenges), while predicting how those issues impact health, spending, and satisfaction – ultimately expanding the industry’s definition of health.
  • Eliza helped launch and supports Engage With Grace, a non-profit movement that lets people better understand, communicate, and have honored their end-of-life wishes so we can change statistics like the fact that 70% of people say they want to die at home, but only about 30% do. We’re making progress – Engage with Grace has been added to the healthcare lexicon as a top-ten phrase and is credited with establishing the first-ever Blog Rally to increase awareness and build community. It’s estimated that Engage With Grace and its One Slide of thought-provoking end-of-life planning questions have been seen by over a million people.
  • Eliza co-founded and supports the non-profit movement Seduce Health – an online community that challenges the healthcare industry to re-think communication strategies – reframing traditional approaches in a way that  adds greater passion, joy and inspiration... and in the process achieves better engagement and outcomes. Many of the industry's leaders have signed on to support Seduce Health's mission.