Strategic Consulting

Eliza’s Health Engagement Management solutions and services are designed based on years of Best Practices delivering measurable outcomes and meaningful analysis. Many of our clients opt to take this expertise a step further with our strategic consulting offering. 

Our in-house Services team brings together expertise in healthcare, proprietary consumer data, rigorous data and statistical analysis, creative communication and experience design, and technology to improve engagement and business outcomes.

  • Communication Assessment: analysis of outcomes; identifying successes, gaps, and opportunities; making go forward recommendations
  • Population Analysis: analyzing member data and trends; creating targeting and tailoring segments; defining member profiles at an enterprise level
  • Communication Strategy & Plan: prioritizing targeting and messaging by business objectives; creating core message style guides and content
  • Eliza Behavioral Science: deriving unique, actionable information to inform future engagement strategies and content across an entire organization
  • Experience and Content Design: analyzing consumer perspectives in aggregate and by segment; designing and creating tailored messaging and content for multi-channel use